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Our History

Protecting Chrysalis



Our Mission is to remove barriers through family-centered collaboration, empowering members to self-actualize and attain their greatest potential. 

At the forefront we will always value knowledge, inclusivity, community, and integrity. Now that you know what we stand for, let us share with you how we came to be. 

Our story starts in 2018 when three women met in a conference room. Despite coming from different professional, educational, and personal backgrounds, these three women all shared a passion for change. Over the next two years, these women worked together to restructure the nonprofit they worked for. Using data-driven decision-making to streamline agency procedures, they helped improve the agency's performance.

Then 2020 hit. A global pandemic, systemic racism, social injustice, economic inequality, and educational failings were all being recognized as contributing factors to the lower socioeconomic status. These three women knew they could leverage their skills and talent to help their community. The idea to start a new nonprofit, Protecting Chrysalis, was born with a vision of helping children and families who have been impacted the greatest by these socioeconomic inequities.

Dedicating their off hours (late nights and weekends) to pursue their mission to end the inequities that impact the socioeconomic stability of families and children with an incarcerated parent and those who live in low economic communities at risk for negative police encounters and incarceration.  Much research and data analysis was conducted. What was identified, was no secret—poor people are mass incarcerated, leaving children without parents and providers. It was also identified that only a handful of nonprofits were offering support and resources to the families and children of the incarcerated. The Protecting Chrysalis founders all felt very passionate about helping this underserved population.


These women have been hard at work building a nonprofit model that takes a holistic approach to help families and children regain stability and economic independence. Their goal is to provide direct services and implement systems that bridge the gap of inequities that hinder young people from low-economic communities from living out their fullest potential.

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